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The advertisement for "Super Sasae Alpha 2 Turbo"

Super Sasae Alpha 2 Turbo is a full-lenth album by Sea Anemone See's An Enemy (SASAE) recorded at River City Studios in Sacremento, CA and released on October 31st 2007 on cassette and CDR, the album recieved mixed reviews and reached #13 on the "Global MySpace Chart", one position less than The Prodigy's "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned"

Less than 100 copies are know to exist and were sold at shows and via the bands website, due to being out of print it is concidered rare by fans, not even the band owns a copy.


The album is quirky by nature with many songs featuring comedic influence lyrically, often breaking into dialogue sequences between Skylah and Sean , usually about certain aspects of the game that are weird and unexplainable often accompanied by argumental outbursts and frustration towards the aforementioned game.

The overall sound of the album forms a blitzkrieg of hardcore/crunk styles accompanied by NES styled electronics driven by heavy noise influences.


  • 36 mixed and mastered songs
  • Comedic postcards of the band in beach attire
  • a poster of the SASAE t-shirt design
  • Custom Game cartridges with links to Skylah and Seans personal MySpace's and MSN's
  • Promotion stickers featuring a sea anemone fighting Team Rocket
  • 3 Live videos
  • A few behind the scenes videos

Track listingEdit

  1. Rupee Dance
  2. P.Diddy Kong!
  3. Bumerman...
  4. Duck Hunt
  5. Video Games Ruined My Life....Good Thing I Still Got A Few Left
  6. An Inspiration For Birth Control
  7. e2
  8. I'd Rather Have A Frontal Labotamy Than A Bottle Infront Of Me
  9. Saved By The Bell!
  10. High Fives, Not Tough Guys
  11. A Not So Great Escape...
  12. Forlorn
  13. Life Is Like A Bicycle, To Keep Your Balance Just Keep Moving
  14. Padawan
  15. Laser Beam
  16. The Gallery
  17. Small-Town-Shake-Down!
  18. Paper Hartz
  19. Calculon, Fetch My Batteries...I Think I'm Dying
  20. In Fear A Reverance
  22. Car Dayz
  24. Haunt
  25. LB3K6K3GU3GO
  26. Nebula X
  27. Comixzone
  28. Every Day I Die At Miyagi's
  29. Zombies Ate My Nieghbour
  30. Fast Friend Inc
  31. Nova Scotiota
  32. Words Whispered Through Prison Bars Often Lose Their Charm
  33. Wyyrmz
  34. We Can Transform
  35. Heroics
  36. The Sport Of Land AND Money



  • Sean Tyrrell - Lead vocals, Sequencer
  • Skylah Pendall - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Programming, Synth, Banjo, Wind-chimes, Samples, Steel Pan, Piano, Harpsicord, Honkey Tonk, Keyboard, Lap Steel.
  • Ali Knowles - Guitar


  • Skylah Pendall - Mixing, Production
  • Sean Tyrrell - Media
  • Ali Knowles - Mixing, Production, Engineering
  • Marcus Revinha - Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
  • Kady Holmes - Photography
  • James Jasso - Illustartions, Design