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The art inside the sleeve of "A Regular Spectacular EP"

A Regular Spectacular EP Is an EP by Sea Anemone See's An Enemy (SASAE) released on April 7th 2007 only 50 copies are known to exist and were sold at shows and the bands website.

Curiously Skylah and Sean have long lost any of the final prodcuts and only the unmixed demos of the tracks remain.

Track ListingEdit

  2. You Dress Eligant Women, I Depress Romantically Challenged Whores
  3. Dead Fish Don't Swim On Jeleous Tides...Unless They're Zombie Fish
  4. Your Friends ARE Dead, Go Figure
  5. Diazinon  (Revisited + Hidden Track)
  6. Painting A Piece Called ARK (Hidden Goof track)
  7. Manatee girls (Hidden Goof Track)



  • Sean "Sharkboy" Tyyrell - Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Sequencer
  • Skylah "Lionboy" Pendall - Vocals, Lyrics, Bass, Drums, Programming, Synth, Banjo, Samples, Steel Pan, Piano, Harpsicord, Honkey Tonk, Lap Steel


  • Skylah Pendall - Production
  • Ali Knowles - Mastering
  • Kady Holmes - Photography
  • James Jasso - Illustartions, design